Sunday, October 9, 2011

A Heart that is Humbled

      The kids and I are just loving this fall weather so much because we get to go on long walks pretty much everyday. One of my daughters favorite things to do is to pick flowers along the way so we can bring them home and put them in a vase on our table. So like any other day we set out for a long walk and right away she started spotting those pretty flowers. I thought I could avoid the frequent stops so I pulled a big bundle right away for her to hold. Before I knew it she had destroyed all but one of the flowers which she held so tightly in her fingers. When I looked at her the only words she said were, "show daddy."  She wanted to show her daddy the one perfect flower she had picked just for him.
      So many times we think that we have to do so much to please our Heavenly Father by being the best Christian. We think that if we know all the facts about the Bible or do all the charitable things that we will build up this bundle that we label a "perfect Christian."  The truth is that when we are in the presence of God we don't need all this extra stuff to make us perfect in His sight. When we stand before Him humbled and broken and get rid of all the rest He is pleased. In my eyes I thought that a lot of flowers would be perfect to show her daddy but in my daughters mind that one little wilted flower was the best. Her daddy was very pleased. 

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