Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Acts 18:1-28

Chapter 18:1-3
     Paul arrives in Corinth where he meets a husband and wife named Aquila and Priscilla. Because the scriptures don't say anything about them being converted they probably were already believers. It was with this couple that Paul stayed with while he was in Corinth.
Chapter 18:4-11
     Paul was so passionate when it came to preaching that that is all he did. But when the people were shutting their hearts this was more than he could handle. I am sure he was growing tired of arguing with them over and over that he had to just walk away. The shaking of his garment was a ancient tradition basically saying he was finished. He left the synagogue and went to the house next door where many came and even the well known leader named Crispus came to know the truth. After hearing from the Lord Paul had peace to stay there for a 1 1/2.
Chapter 18:12-17
    The Jews wanted to get Paul and his new faith in trouble so they brought him in front of the judge. Gallio probably could see what was going on and put an end to the situation. The Jews didn't like this decision and started beating a man named Sosthenes, leader of the synagogue.
Chapter 18:18-23
     Paul needing to be refreshed and a time to relax headed back to Syria. It mentions that he cut his hair that he had grown out based on the Nazarite vow. During Paul's time the duration of this vow was changed. As long as the person didn't cut or trim their hair for atleast 30 days they were within the guidelines. Paul didn't stay there long before he was heading to Caesarea. It was not clear as to why he rushed there or to what he was going for.
Chapter 18:24-28
      We are introduced to a man named Apollos who was as scripture says mighty in the scriptures. His knowledge however was limited to as far as the baptism of John the Baptist. But what he knew he knew well. After hearing him speak Priscilla and Aquila talked with him and taught him about the way of God more accurately. How could he have been so far behind in knowledge about the Lord if he was speaking to people often? You would think that someone would have mentioned something new to him before this.  He took this new knowledge and began to share.

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