Monday, August 29, 2011

Acts 21:1-40

Chapter 21:1-6
     Paul and his men travel along making several little stops on their way to Tyre. Once they arrived there they unloaded their boat and settled there for seven days. Paul uses this time wisely and seeks out the disciples of the area.  I imagine that he encouraged them as they did him. When it was time to leave the men along with their whole families traveled with them to the edge of the city.They came together one more time on the beach to pray with each other.
Chapter 21:7-14
     After another few stops Paul ends up in Caesarea at the home of Philip. While there a prophet named Agabus came and told some important news to Paul. He removed Paul's belt and bound his feet with it. He wanted Paul and the people to have a visual of what would happen to him if he traveled to Jerusalem. But Paul already knew what was to be his outcome. He was prepared to be thrown in prison or even be killed for the Truth. The people at first were upset by this news but then their hearts were changed and they acknowledged God's will.
Chapter 21:15-26
      Once they had arrived in Jerusalem they gathered with James and all the elders and began to speak on what had taken place in Paul's ministry. God had done wonderful things and they couldn't help but rejoice. But there were some who once they found out that he was there would be out to get him for what he had taught. The elders told Paul of their plan for him. He would accompany four men who had taken the vow of purification, part of the Jewish custom. Paul would pay their temple fees and enter the temple with them. This would prove to the others that he had Jewish background and hopefully deflect some strife. Look at Numbers 6:14-15 to see exactly what the fees would be for each man to enter the temple.
Chapter 21:27-40
      After about seven days Paul was being noticed more and more by the people. They took hold of them and dragged him out of the temple to the streets where they began to beat him. Word reached a Roman commander who immediately went to the mob with a few of his soldiers. He then took control of the situation and had them bind Paul in chains. The problem was that the crowd was shouting two different things and the commander couldn't get the truth. He ordered that Paul be taken to the barracks but Paul pleaded with him to let him speak to the people before he was taken. After reading this does any other images come to your mind? All I could think about was how Jesus knew what was going to happen to Him and He still walked with the cross. Paul was told what would happen to him and he still willingly walked toward the prison. No struggle, just calmness.   

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