Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Acts 22:1-30

Chapter 22: 1-21
     Paul stands before the crowd in his defense. He started to speak in his Jewish dialect and this quickly got their attention. The had distance themselves so much from him believing he was from a different region when in fact he was one of them. He began to tell his story of how he had persecuted those who followed the Way and had even stood there in agreement as Stephen was being stoned. But God is grace and had bestowed it on Paul. He was then able to tell the part of his story where God had revealed Himself to him through a donkey.  Paul was a perfect example of how a hard heart can be melted and molded by the Father.
Chapter 22:22-30
     When the people heard what he had to say they we outraged and wanted him taken away.  Paul was being stretched out in preparation to be scourged. It was then that he told the Centurion next to him who he really was. It was not lawful for a Roman to be sentenced without being properly condemned. Paul had purchased his citizenship when he joined the other four men in the temple rituals in the previous chapter. The truth was that he was born a citizen long before. When the soldiers heard this they immediately released him in fear that they would be sought out for even putting him in chains. They would instead present him before the chief priests and the Council for their verdict.

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