Monday, August 29, 2011

Even the young can be used for His Glory

      Lately I have been noticing some of God's truths more and more in my everyday life routine. But one of them has stuck out alot to me. My little boy in every way is a "mommas boy."  I catch him all the time just staring at me even when I am not giving him my attention at that moment. When I leave the house and he stays with his daddy he cries and cries as if he knows I am not there. As soon as I walk into the door and he sees me he immediately stops crying and a smile grows on his face. When I hold him he grabs my arm so tight and won't let go. At times I have found this hard because like most moms I need just a few minutes to myself where I am not needed and can just get away for a minute for some coffee.  
      Then one day while I was taking the kids on a walk the Lord showed me what he was trying to teach me through my son.  That relationship that my son wants with me is the same that we should have with the Lord. We should look to Him always in everything we do. We should not be content with any other but Him. We should smile and rejoice when God reveals His truths to us.We should cling to Him and His Words.
      But here is the cool thing...that is also how God views us. He watches us all the time even when we are distracted by other things. When we turn away He is still there waiting, calling out to us. When we return to Him He rejoices. He wraps us in the shadow of His wings and holds on to us. The nice thing is is that our Heavenly Father is constant and aways there for us. Even when we fail He never will.

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