Saturday, July 30, 2011

Acts 14:1-28

Chapter 14:1-7
     After leaving Antioch they went on to a city to the east called Incnium. As like so many of the other places they visited they immediately started preaching and many believed. And like everywhere else there were several who didn't want to believe and plotted against them. The Jews were seeing their towns divided and didn't like what Paul was doing. God is faithful to bless us in that when we speak boldly in His name we will witness the fruits from Him. This was very much the case for Paul and Barnabas because they were able to see countless come to know the Lord and turn away from their old ways. The men soon found out that their lives were in danger so in the darkness of the night they escaped from the city.
Chapter 14: 8-20
      Once they arrived in Lystra, Paul and Barnabas came to a lame man from birth. After Paul looked into his eyes and saw faith he spoke aloud for the man to stand and he immediately was healed. There is power in words that sometimes we can't understand. When the crowds saw what had happen they thought that gods had come to earth and were healing people right before them.  They were quick to correct them and give God the credit. Those against Paul and his preaching used this change of emotion in the crowd to their advantage. They would start a riot and throw the first stone at Paul. They left him for dead under a pile of rocks.
Chapter 14: 21-26
      Paul's friends gathered around him expecting to find him dead but he wasn't and stood up. He went straight into the city. The next day probably looking rough, he went to Derbe and started to preach again. How many of us would have that dedication to do that. If we have a headache we will stay home from church and here was Paul who was cut and bruised from being stoned  still teaching the Word.
Chapter 14: 27-28
      The end had come to Paul and Barnabas first official mission trip and what a trip it was. Every stop they had made people became Followers and churches were being planted. How blessed they were to see so much fruit.

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