Saturday, July 9, 2011

Being a Martha and not a Mary

        Alright confession time. I have been a Martha way too much lately. I always think that my house has to be perfect and organized and I forget what my real job is. I am so caught up in cleaning and making stuff that I forget to just stop and sit at His feet. There is a time to be a Martha but if we can't take the time to worship then nothing else matters. As a mother I need to be a constant example to my kids, even now, as to how a Christian woman should act. I want my daughter to grow up to be a genuine servant of Him in everything that she does. Along the same lines I want my son to one day marry a woman who is bold and loving in her faith. If I am not the example to them then I can't expect anyone else to be. Mary knew the right time to stop and listen to her Master. My prayer is that I won't get caught up in what the world wants of me and focus on what God has already done for me. 

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  1. You are your mother's daughter. You know this has always been my struggle. Thanks for the reminder to tell "Martha" to chill and "Mary" to be more forceful.