Saturday, July 9, 2011

Acts 9:1-43

*From this chapter on we begin to see the life of Paul/Saul begin to unfold.
Chapter 9:1-2
    Saul gets permission from the high priest to go to Damascus and start arresting more followers. It is very evident that there is something wrong in his life.
Chapter 9:3-9
     He is quick to get there in hopes that the word doesn't get spread of his comings. On his way he was struck by a bright light that based on the Scriptures only he witnessed. I think it is very interesting that Saul knew exactly who was speaking to him and what he had done wrong. When the light was gone Saul was left on the ground blind and had to be helped to Damascus to wait on what was to come.
Chapter 9:10-17
     In these verses we are greeted with a man named Ananias. He played a very important role that he was given by the Lord in the conversion of Saul. I am sure that he must have had a little fear for his life when he went to meet the persecutor. God had His hand on the whole situation when He gave both men their visions that would tell them what would happen.
Chapter 9:18-25
      In verse 18 and 19 Saul receives his sight, kind of in a gross way, but immediately he wants to be baptized. This shows just how faithful he was being because he wanted to do this before he even ate which he had not done in three days. He spends next few days fellowshipping with those he once wanted to destroy. They must have been able to forgive him quickly because they would soon help his escape the city. Saul had been preaching so much that he angered some of the Jews and they plotted to kill him. Saul had to be lowered in a basket over the city wall to get away from them.
Chapter 9:26-30
      Barnabas spent time with Saul so he could get to know him and see just how genuine he really was. It wasn't long before he saw how much he had changed and presented him to the disciples as a true follower. Once again the more he preached the more people didn't like him and wanted to kill him. They had to prepare a way to transport him to safety once again. You know he must have been preaching the Word to be faced with all this trouble.
Chapter 9:31-35
     In verse 31 we see how when God has His hands on something or someone how well they will prosper. While Saul was dealing with all the heat Peter was in the Judean coast. He met a man who had been bedridden eight years. In the name of Jesus Peter told the man to stand up and he was instantly healed.
Chapter 9:36-43
     Then when Peter traveled to Joppa God used him in a mighty way. A woman of great respect named Tabitha had died and the mourners had begun the preparations to bury her. Word traveled from the disciples to Peter to go and meet the people. Peter sat next to the woman and asked her to open her eyes. She did so and walked out with Peter. What a thing to witness.

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