Friday, July 1, 2011

Acts 7:1-60

*This chapter doesn't have a lot that I an elaborate on but when you read about the different men presented, really think about what points Stephen is trying to bring out.
Chapter 7:1-53
      In the previous chapter we saw Stephen being accused in front of the council of speaking badly against Moses and God. These several verses are Stephen defending himself and pointing out some truths against the leaders. Probably being well educated on the Old Testament Septuagint, he begins to use examples of the men in the Scriptures who were wrongly accused when they were just delivering God's message. After he illustrates these examples he begins to focus on the leaders standing before him. They were wrongly accusing the messenger of the Lord and He was ready to judge them for it. They were responsible for the betrayal of Jesus and they had also become murderers.
Chapter 7:54-60
      Once the leaders had heard this they were not happy at all. Before any guards could be brought in the people had carried Stephen out of the city and began to stone him. Probably with baseball or basketball size stones. Even when he was being beaten to death he still was putting these people before himself. He truly want to see these souls saved. I believe that God gave him the vision so that he would be encourage and that he would be distracted from the pain. God never gives us more than we can handle. He was watching over Stephen and knew he could handle this. In verse 58 we are introduced to a man named Saul who will later on change his name to Paul.

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