Thursday, September 8, 2011

Acts 23:1-35

Chapter 23:1-11
      Paul is standing in front of the high priest, Ananias and begins to speak exactly what he is thinking. He basically calls him a hypocrite. He then causes a division in the crowd because he speaks against the Sadducees and calls himself a Pharisee. Sadducees believed that there was no resurrection, no angel, and no spirit where as the Pharisees believed in them all. When the uproar happened the commander was afraid for Paul's life so he had his men go down and get him and put him back in jail. While in jail he had a vision from the Lord. I love how after we go through rough times the Lord reveals Himself to us so to encourage us.
Chapter 23:12-22
      Forty men began to conspire on a plot to kill Paul. They all made an oath not to eat anything until Paul was dead. Paul's nephew heard of what they were planning and immediately went to speak with him. He then goes before the commander and tells him all that would happen to Paul if he listened to the 40 men who were about to ask to men with him. The commander listened to him and had the boy leave and tell no one what he had heard.
Chapter 23: 23-31
     The commander called for two centurions and gave them strict orders as to what they should do to escort Paul safely out of the city. He also wrote a personal letter to the governor Felix who would be receiving Paul in his custody. In the letter he informs him on all the misdoings that had taken place against Paul. Once he arrived before Felix he was told that he would have a speedy trial but until then could rest comfortably in Herod's palace. He was being shown the respect that others had not given before.

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