Sunday, September 18, 2011

Acts 26:1-32

Chapter 26:1-11
     Paul gets a chance to defend himself before the king, who was very knowledgeable of Jewish Laws and customs. He asks that they will be patient with him as he explains his story. He begins by talking about his youth and how it was spent in Jerusalem and then goes on to tell of how he was responsible for so many peoples death because of his vote.
Chapter 26:12-18
     In these verses we see again where Paul tells of when he became a follower of Christ and the events that lead up to his conversion. Each time this story is spoken about there are always new shades to it but the main points or theme is always consistent.
Chapter 26:19-23
     These verses are probably some of my favorite that Paul speaks. He simply tells the king that he has never done anything that would prove disobedient to his heavenly Father and that he obeys the laws of the prophets and Moses. Because of the way he lived many wanted to kill him but God always made a way for him.
Chapter 26:24-32
     The king could say nothing else than that Paul had lost his mind. Paul not wanting to stray from his topic turned it to the king. He knew that the king was aware of all the things that had been going on around the empire and even in his own kingdom. Paul's only desire in all this was that all the people there would be free from their sins and become believers. The king and his sister grew tired of what he had to say and they left the room. According to the king Paul had done nothing worthy of death and if he didn't have to appeal to Caesar he would have been set free.

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