Monday, September 19, 2011

Acts 28:1-31

Chapter 28: 1-10
      Once their ship had hit land they were greeted by the natives to the island along with a big fire. This was so nice for the men of the ship because the weather was cold and they were wet. Paul was helping pick up sticks when he was bitten by a poisonous snake on the hand. The natives began to say that it was his punishment from the gods for what he had done. But because God was protecting him he did not get ill in anyway. Instead he begins to minister and heal others. They stayed on this island for three months until the weather conditions were safe to travel.
Chapter 28:11-16
      They finally set sail for Rome again but not without a few more stops along the way. While in Puteoli Paul was allowed to go and stay with other believers but probably with a close watch by a guard. People were so excited about his visit that they travel several miles just to greet him. Both Paul and Luke were overwhelmed by the people's overall reaction to them. Once they were in Rome Paul was put back on house arrest but with some freedom.
Chapter 28:17-29
      After a few days of rest Paul calls several of the head leaders to meet with him in hopes of discussing his case with them. They wanted to hear all that he had to say so they made arrangements to meet up again. On that day Paul begins to preach and like in so many cases before some listened and received and some walked away. He began to speak on the things that the prophet Isaiah had spoken on about people's hearts growing dull. It did end with the promise that God would restore their hearts if they understood and returned.
Chapter 28:30-31
      For the next two years while he was still in prison he preached to whoever came to him along with writing his famous prison epistles. Other than that there is no definite description to what happens to him at the end of the two years in this book. Other books in the bible do shed a little light some of the events that happened.

* May we have boldness like Paul to preach even during the hard times and may our hearts never grow dull to His truths.

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