Thursday, September 15, 2011

Acts 25:1-27

Chapter 25:1-12
     Paul once again in being brought in front of the main leaders in order to be judged. This time it is the new governor, Porcius, who is heading this trial up. He called for a few other men to join him on a trip to Caesarea where Paul was still in custody. Once there the people brought all these very serious charges against Paul. In response Paul simple denies these accusations and said he has broken no laws. Porcius wanted to appeal to his new citizens and asked Paul if he was willing to go to Jerusalem in order to judged in front of the Sanhedrin. Paul knew his chances there would be slim if any to a fair trial. Paul answered that he appeal to Caesar. Porcius along with the other men decided to send Paul to Caesar.
Chapter 25:13-27
     After several days had passed the King Agrippa and his sister Bernice arrive in Caesarea with much celebration. Porcius fills them in o what is going on with Paul's case and simply says he see nothing wrong with this man. He is supposed to report to his thoughts and charges when he sends a prisoner to his lord but he is unable to write anything about Paul. This is why he has brought the king and his sister in on the trial.  

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