Monday, September 12, 2011

Acts 24:1-27

Chapter 24:1-23
      Five days after being put in the custody of Felix, Paul is brought before him again since Ananias finally arrived. He along with his elders accused Paul of being a disturbance and desecrating the temple. The crowd quickly agreed with them. Paul then gets the chance to respond to the accusers. He doesn't deny that he believes in the resurrection but he didn't desecrate the temple. He never started riots but he did stand and preach the gospel. Felix heard all that Paul had to say and knew he had done nothing wrong but knowing that a riot could happen if he handled the situation wrong. He ordered Paul to go back to the prison but he would have some freedom while there.
Chapter 24:24-27
     Felix and his wife would ask Paul several times to come and speak with them about the Gospel but they would become frightened and tell Paul to leave. This went on for two years but there was still no acceptance. Felix was succeeded by Porcius and when he left for Rome decided to leave Paul in prison, washing his hands of the situation.

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