Monday, September 19, 2011

Acts 27:1-44

Chapter 27:1-12
       Paul along with a few other prisoners are being transported to Rome for their appeal to Caesar. They were guarded by a centurion named Julius. The first part of their voyage was spent on a small boat making frequent stops along the way and then they were find a larger boat to get on and finish there journey. It is said that they began this trip in the fall because of the wind conditions they were facing. Since Paul had had some experience in sailing he knew that this journey would be very dangerous if they continued on. The centurion didn't want to listen and kept them out at sea.
Chapter 27:13-20
      Once they were out to sea a terrible wind came out of no where and turned them from their original direction. They found shelter on an island called Clauda where they reinforced the boat with cables and lowered the anchor. The next day as they were in another storm they began to toss their cargo overboard to help lighten the boat. Many began to believe they were going to die.
Chapter 27:21-26
       The men on the ship had gone a long time without food and Paul knew why. He stood up and told them that if they had just listened to him then none of this would have happened. But he did have good news. He had a vision of an angel of the Lord standing before him. He was assured that there would be no lose of life because the Lord was not thought with them. Paul still had to meet with Caesar.
Chapter 27:27-44
      When I read this passage I was picturing a smallest boat like the size of a nice yacht, but that it was not. It says that there were 276 people on this ship. It also says that they cut ropes to another boat that was attached to the one they were on. Paul once again speaks out on what they should do and they decided to listen to him this time. They knew that they were going to wreck on the dry lad but they were trying to lessen the load anyways. The men had not eaten in 2 weeks and after they got their fill of the wheat they threw the rest overboard. In the end we see that the soldiers once again spare Paul's life by not killing him just because he was a prisoner.

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