Monday, June 27, 2011

Acts 3:1-26

Chapter 3:1-10
      In these verses where the first recorded healing by the apostles is listed I had always looked at it from Peter and John's perspective. But when I read it this morning I saw through the eyes of the lame man. Here was a man who from birth had never been able to use his legs but had gone and sat at the gates of the temple everyday to beg. Even though he probably went to that spot hoping for some generosity from the members he still sat by the temple everyday. Then one day two men which he probably saw regularly came up to him and instead of giving him what he wanted they gave him what God wanted.In the name of Jesus they told him to walk. Instantly he was healed.  Here he was hoping for a few pieces of silver but instead received a greater reward. God used those Peter to show that man how powerful He really was. I believe that the once lame man realized this or else he wouldn't have gone in the temple to worship.
Chapter 3:11-26
      Because people had gathered around to see the man who could now walk Peter took this time to now preach the reasons behind it. In verses 11-13 he gives the Old Testament foundations that support that Jesus is truly the Savior.Later on in the passage Peter basically accused the whole crowd of being responsible for the crucifixion of Jesus. He urges them to repent of there sins and be forgiven so that the time of refreshing could begin. In verse 25 the Jews realize that Jesus was the fulfillment of the messianic promise. Through Him they could have a personal relationship.

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