Tuesday, June 28, 2011

A Heart for One

      Many of you have heard my testimony when it came to how I met my husband but there is so much more to the story before that. This is for all the girls/women out there who are in the single hood chapter of their life and don't know what the future holds.
      Growing up I never had boyfriends unless you consider having boys who were my friends. I never sat at lunch with a boy or went to the movies on a date. There were a few guys over the years who were interested in me but after praying about them I knew that wasn't what the Lord wanted. Like ever other girl out there I had crushes and when those didn't work out my heart was "broken." Once in high school I thought surely that the Lord was going to give me a boyfriend cause I was a good Christian girl and I "deserved" it. As teenagers we don't know what we deserve. All along God had me in His hand and knew what was best.I never wanted to have a lot of relationships and even went so far as to ask the Lord that only the man who was supposed to be my husband would be the one who asked me out. After graduating from high school with still no dates to speak of I though college would be different. Once I was at college I was once again surrounded by good people and some who were interested but none were who the Lord wanted, except one. I had noticed him at the beginning of my freshman year but quickly dismissed him cause I thought he was out of my league. I went on with my life but I kept hearing things about this one guy. People would talk about how honest and set apart he was. He was one of the most genuine guy they knew. This didn't help my heart because he still didn't know who I was. Months went by and I was still in the same position. Finally I realized the  problem. I was trying to do everything myself instead of giving it to the Lord. He told me to sit and worship with Him everyday and I would be satisfied in Him. So that is what I did. Everyday I sat in our dorm and read my bible. Little did I know that this very act of worship was what made this guy notice me to begin with. Finally after many months of prayer and seeking the Lord, he began to pursue me. That guy is now my husband. He is still a man who is set apart from all the rest and he is the only one who ever asked me out. He is the only one who took the time to get to know me and where my heart was. I can't imagine my life without him.
      After we had been dating for several months we made a big decision about our relationship. We would not kiss until our wedding day. We thought that this would hold us accountable and bring honor to God. This was something that we didn't really share with many so when our wedding day came many were very surprised, especially when they found out it was my very first kiss. In a month we will have been married 3 years and our prayer is that the decisions that we have made and will make in the future will continue to honor God.
     If there is anyone out there who is wondering when their time will come just know that God has His perfect timing and if we let Him take control it will turn out better than we could imagine.

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  1. To all the moms with teenage daughters, all I can say is pray. I'm hoping daughter #2 will follow big sister's Godly example.