Saturday, June 18, 2011

Ephesians 5:1-33

Chapter 5:1-2
      We are to be imitators of the Lord. If we are to walk in love the only way to come close would be to act like Him. I love verse 2 because it is something that I can picture clearly in my head. The verse ends by saying that "a sacrifice to God as a fragrant aroma". I think of the times when I have a candle burning in my house and how wonderful it makes the house smell. It is pleasing to me that the candle has a nice smell and changes the atmosphere of my house. "A fragrant aroma here means pleasing to God. Christ was the sacrifice and His actions and obedience was pleasing to God and changed to atmosphere of the world.
Chapter 5: 3-14
     In these several verses Paul begins to warn against immorality.  He talks about how the very word shouldn't even be named in their presence but they should act like the saints. The basic point that he wanted to get across is that if we are spending our time talking about perverse things or even just foolishness then we are not praising our Lord. In verse 5 when he lists these people who will not inherit the kingdom it isn't because their sin is worse than any other but because they have allowed their sin/lifestyle to control them instead of God. If God isn't in control of your life than you can't have His kingdom. The latter part of these verses speaks on not following the darkness but to stay in the light. If we are in the light then fruit will be seen and this glorifies God.
Chapter 5:15-21
    We are to take advantage of the time we have because the end is getting closer and closer and the world is getting worse and worse. We need to use the light that we have to get rid of the darkness in the world. We need to be constantly praising the Father for what He has done and what He will do. When we gather with other Christians it need to be a nice of encouragement and praise. This doesn't mean you have to always sit around singing hymns but it does mean don't act foolishly so as to ruin your name/testimony. 
Chapter 5:22-24
     When we are married there are several things we need to learn in order to respect our spouse and ultimately bring honor to God. The big one is submissiveness. This isn't an independent act by one but is mutual action. When it comes to the wife's role this submission isn't forced on you but instead it should be your desire. If the husband is the head of the house like Christ over the church then alot of the same principles apply. No one forced you to accept Christ but rather it was a decision that wanted to act on, same is with marriage. As women we are to want to let the husband be in charge of our family because God has hand picked that man out specifically for you. In our house we discuss things together but in the end the decision made is what my husband feels like the Lord is telling him to do.
Chapter 5:25-33
     For the husbands they are to love their wives as Christ loves His church. No where in this chapter does it tell the husbands to overpower or show authority over their wives but instead it tells them to love. He is to cherish her and to want to see her pure. When they are married they are to become one flesh with more regard to the other than themselves. They are not to depend on the people around them even the parents but on each other and God. If Christ is the center of the relationship then the two will be closer and work together better as a one with love and respect.

* I feel like we as Christians don't act with readiness for the Lord and let so much time pass before we do anything in His name. What are you doing for His kingdom or even better, how long has it been since you did something for His kingdom?

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