Monday, June 27, 2011

Acts 4:1-37

Chapter 4:1-31
     We see in these verses the very first arrest among the church. They had had a few months to get their minds and hearts ready but now things would get harder. The head leaders wanting to show their authority heard of two men (Peter and John) preaching and healing and thought they should be arrested. After spending the night in jail and probably surprised that it happened Peter began to preach to the men when they came the next day. The leaders couldn't understand how these followers would have more power then the "church."The church had forgotten who had given them their power to begin with. The Holy Spirit had filled these men and they wanted to tell everyone. Not acting out rashly the leaders decided to let the men go with a strict warning not to preach in the name of Jesus anymore. Peter and John quickly disagreed and said they would keep preaching. After being freed the Peter and John return to friends to report what happened. I believe they all started to realize more what they were in store for in their ministries to come.
Chapter 4:32-37
      These verse portray to us I think exactly what the church should be doing now. People were selling everything and donating it to the church for those in need. Many were doing it mainly so they would be free of worldly things and could move around as the Holy Spirit directed. If we weren't so wrapped up in possessions we would see these great things take place in our own communities.

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