Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Ephesians 1:1-23

     Ephesus was the most important city in Asia Minor (now Turkey) because it was the center of the trade routes. Because of this increase in population Paul focused alot on this city for about three years. The main theme of this book was to show God's eternal purpose and grace along with speaking on unity of all believers in the family of God. It is said that Paul probably wrote this letter during his two year imprisonment in Rome.

Chapter 1:1-2
    In the first verse Paul calls himself an apostle meaning one who is sent. This term was usually used by the 12 disciples but Paul often referred to himself as one.  He also states the main theme in this verse as well, "the will of God". We serve a God of purpose and we are sent out to fulfill this purpose.
Chapter 1:3-6
    Verse 3 speaks on the blessings that we receive from God through Jesus. Blessings here on earth are just a small taste of what we will receive once we are in His presence. In verse 4,  Paul speaks in awe that he was hand picked by the Father before the world was even created. This verse and verse 5 speak on predestination. These verse do not state anything about others not being picked by God because God desires us all to be His, but it is mainly Paul just speaking out of excitement that he is serving a great God. We have nothing to do but praise Him when it comes to the grace He has given us through His Son.
Chapter 1:7-10
     "Redemption" to give his life as a ransom for many. Through His blood on the cross we have been "bought" and set free. Imagine being a slave to someone for years and years and then one day out of nowhere someone comes and buys you and then sets you free. Wouldn't you be overjoyed with gratitude? So should we be toward our Buyer, Redeemer, Savior. In verse 9 he talks about the "mystery that He has made known to us." Before Christ was on earth God's will was a mystery in a sense to believers other than to trust and believe in Him. Now we have Christ and He constantly reveals new things to us. God has an ultimate plan that we all be united toward Him as a body of believers.
Chapter 1:11-14
      These verses show us the promise we have in Christ. We were given the Holy Spirit as a seal or promise that we will have eternal life with Him and by that promise we should praise Him because we have hope.
Chapter 1:15-19
      In ancient times it was customary to include a prayer in letters. It is thought that Paul did not know these people very well and even so he said he prayed continuously for them because he had heard of their great faith. He prayed for a spirit of wisdom and knowledge of Him. In verse 18 it says that "you may know the hope of His calling."  Back then when they said hope it was out of confidence where as today we say it when we are not sure if something will come to pass.
Chapter 1:20-23
      These verses demonstrate just how powerful God is. He not only raises Jesus from the dead but He seats Him at His right hand to have authority over EVERY name from then till the end of time. That includes not just us but also the false gods and idols. In Hebrews 2:8-9 it refers to this passage and says that we have not yet seen all the things that are subject to Him yet. There is still so much that we do not know about His power but in time it will all come to pass.

*This chapter had so much information on it that I felt like I had to just hit the highlights so please study these verses and see what else He reveals to you.

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