Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Acts 6:1-15

Chapter 6:1
    There is really no idea as to how much time passed from now and the previous chapter. The important thing to note is that many were hearing the gospel and becoming believers. This continuous outbreak of believers was starting to overwhelm the disciples. Some of the members of the church, the Hellenistic(Greek) Christians, were not used to the growing number either. The felt like their widows were being neglected because the disciples were so busy.There is no actual evidence to show that they really did suffer.
Chapter 6:2-7
    The twelve disciples seeing an issue arise they called the congregation together and explained the situation. They were not willing to take time out of there preaching to feed people. They wanted a group of men to do this job so they could do theirs. Don't view the disciples as being cold or non caring, they just had a mission from the Lord that came first. They had the congregation nominate men, not women, who the disciples would decide on. In verse 5 the seven men chosen are listed all with Greek names which probably meant they were apart of the Hellenistic Jews. There were hands laid on them and prayer was lifted up to God over them.
Chapter 6:8-15
   In these verses we begin to learn more about one of the men chosen to be the deacon under the disciples. Stephen was a man full of grace and power. He along with many others were performing wonders and healings that were capturing the eye of many. When Jesus commanded to go to all nations, Stephen took this to heart and started venturing out to the Gentiles. They were not happy with this and began to scheme against him. They set up witnesses who told lies against him and his ministry. In verse 15 it is stated that when he began to defend his actions that his face glowed like an angel. I believe that it is safe to say that the glory of the Lord was shining through him and not a coincidence that it would be at the time he was being accused.

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